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Introducing the main purpose of the Japan Iyengar Association

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About US

About the main idea/purpose


The Japan Iyengar Yoga Association was established in 1988, and its purpose is to spread Iyengar yoga, protect its name, and provide information and an environment for those who want to learn.
 The Association is a Japanese branch headquartered at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune (India), and aims to improve the quality of certified instructors by planning workshops and conventions, preparing for certification exams, and providing assistance in Pune (India). We will also apply for classes at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in India, and invite senior instructors from around the world.

Certified instructors

Iyengar yoga is the most suitable yoga for improving body distortion among various yogas. In order to properly convey the method, only certified instructors are allowed to instruct students, and to become a certified instructor you must have three years of experience and pass a world-standard certification exam.
Even after becoming a certified instructor, you are required to study further to maintain and improve your level.

The Iyengar yoga method can only be taught by a certified instructor. Also, unless you are a certified instructor, you cannot use the name Iyengar Yoga.

What is a certified instructor?


Service mark

Certification mark

Service Mark & Certification Mark


These marks are registered trademarks and may only be used by certified instructors and the Iyengar Yoga Association. The certification mark is proof that you are a certified instructor.

Service mark

service mark

Certification mark

certification mark

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